Look of the Moment: Stripes

Just because we aren’t kids anymore doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with lots of different colors all in one outfit. What about lots of colors AND stripes? Sounds kind of scary, yes, but when styled correctly the end result can look fabulous and interesting!

Just look at this happy-go-lucky girl rocking her stripes and an outfit full of color. Her mustard-yellow blazer, bright green skirt, and blue and orange high-top sneakers speak loads about her personality. She’s not afraid to express her love of all things bright and funky through what she wears.

Rather than looking disoriented and messily thrown together, she comes off as youthful and chic. The complementing tones of yellow, green, and orange in various shades are what make these different colors work together.  

Anything goes with stripes, so don’t be afraid to bring out your more colorful side, mixing it up.  

Here is a cute and colorful look to get you started: