Classic Karlie Kloss: Get the Look

Karlie Kloss style

Chicago native Karlie Kloss may be only 18, but she is already a well-known name in the fashion industry. She’s a supermodel with a signature pose, stare and runway walk. How many girls this age can say they have a signature anything that is known worldwide? Not many, that is for sure.

But during this latest set of fashion weeks, Karlie caught our attention even more with her classic display of timeless off-duty attire that extends far past her age, while remaining modern and fresh.

Karlie’s personal style is simple, clean and devotedly all-American. She’s never dressed too outside-of-the-box or too edgy, but her choice of strong lines and sharp blasts of color keeps things interesting enough that we start to ponder just what exactly goes on inside her head when she decides what to wear in the morning.

Her confidence allows her to wear anything and everything, and her choice to go basic just nails down the fact that she stays true to herself. Karlie knows what works best for her, and she works it. You’ve got to love a classic, effortless girl like this!


Inspired by her style? Here’s how to get the look:



1. Puff Sleeve Dress from Forever 21 – $17.80

2. Knotted Flats from Forever 21 – $14.80

3. Botkier Conor Satchel from Shopbop – $545.00

4. Retro Sunglasses from Forever 21 – $5.80

5. Juicy Couture Skylar Twill Trench Coat from Shopbop – $398.00

Karlie Kloss image courtesy of Altamira