Wearing Jackets as Capes: Fashion Street Trend

You've seen the uber-chic do it. You know, drape their jackets over their shoulders, oozing comfort and elegance. During spring fashion week, prim ladies with poodles seemed to have influenced the fashion-forward set all over the globe. 

Wearing Jackets as Capes 2Wearing Jackets as Capes

The jacket-as-cape trend allows for the double-usage of your favorite blazer, or any long-sleeved jacket in your wardrobe. Turn all of your jackets and cardigans into capes, transitioning them into the biggest trend category of the season.  

The jacket-as-cape trend gives us that nonchalant look we constantly strive for. It's not entirely practical, but according to fashion week’s front row, it’s the chicest way to go about outerwear.  

Wearing Jackets as Capes 3Wearing Jackets as Capes 4

What do you say? Yay or nay?