Look of the Moment: Casual Cool

Casual cool look

In the fashion world, we are constantly overrun by the images of towering stilettos or platform heels, be it in the glossy pages of a magazine or on a girl walking down the street. Whatever happened to the good old sneaker, beaten up to perfection over the years from who-knows-what kind of activities we were up to? Well, the majority of us may have left those sneakers behind in high school, but the idea of test driving them once again suddenly seems quite appealing. This is especially true after one walks two hours in those toe-pinching contraptions on stilts (oh, the things we do for the sake of fashion!) Those who cannot even think about leaving the house without their beloved heels can rest assured that they won’t be losing their chic factor in a pair of classic lace-up sneakers.

Childhood’s shoe of choice and model of practicality can be worn many ways without being limited to jeans, denim shorts, or a ratty old rocker tee. How about a girly floral maxi dress like the one this girl shot by Stockholm Streetstyle is wearing? A pair of candy-colored chucks adds personality and nostalgic grunge to what would be an overly bohemian look. She’s casual cool with her big, face-shading sunnies, slouchy cardigan belted at the waist, and a long fringe bag.

Try trading in your heels once in a while for a pair of good old American sneakers; the change will do your mind, and your toes, a whole lot of good! Get the look below:

Casual cool look