New York Fashion Week Fall 2011 Street Style: Model Edition

No matter how you slice it, a model is always a model. There's just something about how a girl who walks a runway for a living carries herself, almost like she's trying to sell the clothes off her back, even if she's rushing between the tents at New York Fashion Week. Seeing a model in her own clothes is nothing less than exciting – it puts them on a human level. As the girls walking in New York Fashion Week proved, models bundle up in chilly temperatures too! 

Models Own Clothes at New York Fashion Week

Models Own Clothes New York Fashion Week













Models know that even though they're statesque and lanky, emphasizing your waistline is never bad! These two models stayed warm (and looked adorable) while creating hourglass figures in belted coats.  

Models Own Clothing New York Fashion Weekalt













Not only is it a great way to fend off frostbite, a hat pulls together a look while in a hurry. The finishing touch on an otherwise everyday outfit, these models know a hat adds that element of dressing up or dressing down. On the left, a more polished look and on the right, a more laid back look, but either way, lush locks are still showcased!

Models Own Clothes New York Fashion Weekalt













Chunky furs are making a huge comeback and it's evident on the models at New York Fashion Week. Paired with leggings, these gargantuan coats are a fun play on proportion, they'll always make your legs look tiny in comparison.

altModels Own Fashion Week













Layers, layers and more layers are a trend that's all over the girls at this year's New York Fashion Week. Nothing says boho chic like pairing several layers in the same color palette and topping the whole look off with a chunky knit scarf!