Jewelry Trend: More is More

Remember that old charm bracelet your grandmother got you? And those piles of bangles you'd stack up on your wrists? And that old scarf, lying in a corner?  Combine them all, and you have an armful of glamour waiting to happen!

A woman wearing many bracelets together on one wrist.

Once upon a time, the trend was to wear one simple sexy tennis bracelet, or an uber-large cocktail ring; now, the look du jour is wearing all your finest arm candy at once. Charm bracelets, cuffs, wrap-around bracelets, stacked bangles, and watches worn together – the more colorful and diverse the texture and material of your arm-wear, the better you will look. 

Don't be afraid to mix large items with smaller pieces; the key is to make sure that the pieces don't pile up on top of each other so that nothing can be identified. So push your sleeves up, throw on everything you have, and hit the streets! We've put together our picks of what to wear this season –here are some images to inspire you along the way. 

Many Hermes bracelets all worn together.

Hermes Enamel Bracelet – $590

This may just be one for the wish list, but the classic Hermes enamel bracelet is an Hermes must-have. It's a little more classic then the Collier de Chien – their signature studded leather cuff – and offers a touch more glamour to a collection of bangles on your arm. 

Triangle Low Luv bracelet by Erin Wasson – $48

Erin Wasson is a pretty cool chick, and her Low Luv collection has a vintage-y, worn in feel that makes it look as if you've been wearing all your bracelets together for a hundred years. 

Lots of bracelets worn together.

Tiffany Charm Bracelet – $150 (with no charms)

For the ultimate charm bracelet, nothing beats Tiffany. Pick and choose whichever charms you like, and add your own personal touch with each one.