Forum Street Style: Breaking Out the Blazers and More

frickys forum street style from Bulgaria - red, black, tan, white

This week, the What are You Wearing Today thread brought forth lots of lovely ladies finishing off their outfits with blazers and slim-fitting leather jackets. Though you can’t see me, trust me when I tell you that I’m wearing a blazer as I write this. Must be something in the air… Read on for some international forum street style from the past week.

frickys forum street style from Bulgariatoothfairy forum street style from Amsterdam - diy t-shirtVivaciousCohen forum street style - leather shorts and jacket

frickys, toothfairy, VivaciousCohen

In Bulgaria, frickys was pretty in red, black, white, and tan. Her skirt, a new buy from Zara, was the jump off point for a well-coordinated look. The tucked in blouse from American Apparel emphasized the skirt’s high-waisted cut, and the blazer from Public Beware brought a great additional pop of red to the outfit that’s enhanced by her red lipstick. Red lipstick is always a good choice when you’re going for a little additional glamour.

In Amsterdam, toothfairy made a simple white t-shirt a lot more interesting by stitching on braided strips of the same fabric. She topped it off with a slim leather jacket from Zara, and paired it with a short peach-colored skirt from H&M.

VivaciousCohen combined brown and black leather with short shorts from Abercrombie and Fitch (that matched her Balenciaga wedges) and a jacket from Bebe. Her bright orange burnout t-shirt from American Apparel added a nice pop of color. 

ALLTHATSTYLE forum street style Topshop outfitmaffionista's boho-chic forum street style - Mango dressjustlikesushi forum street style black drapey outfit

ALLTHATSTYLE, maffionista, justlikesushi

ALLTHATSTYLE decked herself out in London high street style, wearing Topshop head-to-toe, except for her actual top, which is from Primark.

In Rotterdam, maffionista stuck to easy-breezy beige and brown tones in a bohemian-style Mango dress, a Zara hat and Primark shoes. 

In the Netherlands, justlikesushi kept her look drapey, loose, and dark with harem pants from Zara, a tunic from Asos, and an Oh My Frock jacket. Her River Island suede wedge platform sandals lent the look a hint of sex appeal, and her fringed bag is from Zara.

greengrassia forum street style layersLiina forum street style Levi's shorts with tightsgogosushi forum street style - Forever new sweater, skirt, socks

greengrassia, Liina, gogosushi 

Greengrassia bundled up to stay warm in the cold Baltic rain, layering a wool jacket from Zara with a coat from Benetton while traveling in Riga, Latvia this week. Her clothing this week was all about ease and practicality. She called her Timberland boots the “best travel boots ever!” and she only wears cross-body bags while traveling, so the one shown here from Ellen Truigen fit the bill. She wrote, “Basically, I'm enjoying what I'm wearing much more when I’m on the road. My tiny suitcase is a great capsule wardrobe. No frill, everything has been stripped down to its essence. It's so compact, functional yet still there's room for creativeness (I have to be imaginative, ‘cause the key is to mix & match everything out of very few pieces), and I can live in everything with comfort and ease.” Great advice for anyone traveling anywhere, I think.

In Norway, Liina paired her vintage Levis jean shorts with a cream-colored blazer and top and a leopard-print Becksøndergaard scarf. Not quite warm enough for bare legs, she donned some black tights and simple ballerina flats to complete the look.

In Australia, gogosushi kept her look sweet, simple, and comfortable in a slouchy knit sweater, lace skirt, and ankle socks from Forever New. 

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.