10 Sexy One Piece Swimsuits


You wax, moisturize, and hit the gym, all in preparation for the upcoming Summer months when your body will be exposed more than the rest of the year. Although you want to look sexy and show off your tan (or faux tan) curves in a trendy bikini, one-piece swimsuits are making a comeback in a fashionable way. Sexy retro cuts, bright colors, and exotic prints show off the variety of styles these swimsuits have to offer. Forget those old one-pieces designed to cover you up without any style, these chic designs will highlight your curves and provide extra support where needed. They won’t leave you feeling frumpy and with so many new options in the market, you may be trading in your favorite two-piece for a new cut.

Check out 10 sexy options we found for you below in a variety of bright colors and styles.


1. Anthropologie Color-Pop Maillot $158 2. Zimmerman Ruffled Strapless Swimsuit $345 3. Rosa Cha Denim two-tone Swimsuit $110 4. Herve Leger Cutout Bandage Swimsuit $1,050 5. Missoni Mare Jersey Print Swimsuit $155.75 6. Old Navy Halter Swimsuit $17.50 7. La Perla Paillettes Cutout c-cup Swimsuit $520 8. Missoni Antibes Crochet-Knit Drawstring Swimsuit $155.75 9. Diane Von Furstenberg Kia Animal Print Halter Neck Swimsuit $235 10. Chloe Seaf Knit Halter Neck Swimsuit $390