What We Bought: Solids, Stripes and Prints in Black, White and Blue (Forum Shopaholics)

Asos clutch bag

The shopaholics in the Fashion Spot forums picked up a variety of items in shades of black, white, and blue this week. I’m pretty sure if we mixed and matched the pieces featured below, we could come up with a bunch of really cool outfits. 

Mango resin cuffAsos graphic cream and white clutch

While doing some shopping at Mango (she also picked up a camel-brown and red striped sweater), eu-pt purchased this black resin ethnic-style bangle with hammered brass embellishments. Eu-pt also shared her excitement about this graphic Asos clutch that she ordered online. “Can't wait for it to arrive!” she posted in eager anticipation.

Urban Outfitters striped dress - forum buysHussein Chalayan sweater vest

Lapin de Lune purchased this lightweight striped summer dress from Urban Outfitters. “I really love this dress!” she exclaimed. “Great quality and so versatile,” she added.

Luluposh is smitten with her new Hussein Chalayan sweater vest. The designer has a clever way of making his clothes feel special by assigning them additional meaning through the words and messages that are imprinted on them in one way or another. “Love the buttons,” luluposh wrote, quoting the text inscribed on them: “This item can be considered as a piece of future archeology, a container of information contemporary to its making.”

Balenciaga sandals - forum buys

Psylocke explained the purchase of her new Balenciaga sandals: “I had one of those rare moments today when you go shopping only because you desperately need something and actually find just what you're looking for in the very first store you enter. Really needed new sandals… Found these Balenciaga beauties in an outlet and instantly fell in love with them.” Such a lucky moment when you find exactly what you want without having to turn the world over to find it.

Zara oversize pocket shirtZara blue linen blazer

Lola rose bought a couple of things from Zara, a favorite tFS shopping destination. “I love that loose, breeze, summery feeling about it,” she wrote of the billowy button-up blouse with oversized pockets. She also purchased the dark blue linen blazer shown above. 

Monsoon dressMonsoon strapless dress with flowers

Ammarra prepared for several semi-formal functions by making some dress purchases from Monsoon. The two maxi dresses pictured above are fun, flirty, floaty (and probably flattering) choices that can easily go from day to night. 

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