The Love List: Lauren J. Kucerak Edition

The Love List

We spoke to PR whiz Lauren J. Kucerak, Juicy Couture's Vice President of Global Communications, to find out what she's currently obsessing over. "To me, summer is such a fun season in so many ways. It’s the time to enjoy the outdoors, be with friends and family as much as possible, and rejuvenate for the upcoming frenzy of fall in the fashion industry. Summer is also very special because it’s the time to be playful and personal with one’s sense of style. When else can you wear designer shoes with neon denim?" Here are 5 things Kucerak is currently loving:


The Love List1. Valentino Rockstud Medium Leather Tote

A great classic bag in a rich, creamy shade of camel should be a key essential in a girl's closet. Valentino, of course, took it one step further. The "Rock Stud" bag, which I had to run out and buy immediately, offers a current edginess that is also timeless. The grommets and cross body style add that certain joie de vivre that a standard classic style would not achieve. LOVE IT! $2,075

2. Juicy Couture 5 Pocket Neon Short and Schwinn Bicycle

As soon as Friday afternoon comes during the summer, I hit the beach, and what is more apropos than riding around town on a beach comber bike in neon denim shorts? Juicy Couture really embraces the neon moment and the fun whimsy of summer with these shorts and the limited edition Juicy Couture Schwinn bicycle. As for perfect footwear, I can wear my tennis shoes or my Miu Miu wedges depending on my mood. Shorts, $78

3. Oliver Goldsmith Audrey Sunglasses

Sunglasses are obviously essential for summer and for me, year round. Retro classics are always fun—I love the Oliver Goldsmith glasses for “Breakfast at Tiffanys” that are available at Artsee. The designer created the exact pair that Audrey Hepburn wore throughout the film classic. They’re so precious and perfect, although I love any style at Artsee because they offer the most unique. $330

4. Rag & Bone Silk Chiffon Maxi Skirt

First of all, I pretty much love everything Rag & Bone does, but this blue cobalt chiffon skirt is beyond amazing. The fabric is so romantic, which is enhanced by the extra long length and vintage detailing— and then offset by the wild bright color—I just adore it. I wear it with a white t-shirt and flats or a long sheer sweater. It can be done any way – it's so scrumptious! $395

5. John Loecke

My girlfriends and I rented a house for the summer in the Hamptons and to personalize it, we added a little fashion and flare with these throw pillows. We actually change them up each weekend because beach-time is meant to be paradise—and why not live well? The color-kissed pillows are custom designed by Brooklyn-based design firm John Loecke. These stunners have taken my living room from boring to brilliant in about two seconds flat.