How to Dress Your Man for Summer

Ah, it’s summertime and the living is easy. But what the hell is your boyfriend wearing? Sure jorts and a mank (AKA man tank) might work for some dudes, but when it comes to style and physique, not all men are created equal.

To get the scoop on what looks good on your guy (and what, for lack of a better word, totally blows), we consulted the advice of David Appel, creative director and designer of popular Los Angeles based menswear fashion brand Cohesive & Co. Read on to hear what he has to say about everything from cuts and fabrics to colors and prints, because let’s face it ladies, sometimes our men need all the help they can get when it comes to being fashion forward!


Broad shoulders, muscular build, and may or may not have a six-pack. Favorite activity? Balling it up with the bros. 

Style Dos…“The Athletic Guy is always on the move and is typically in great shape,” says Appel, “so slim silhouettes, shorts above the knee, and lighter weight fabrics or fabrics with stretch will suit his active lifestyle perfectly.”

Style Don’ts …“Loose tees, boxy cuts ,and baggy fit jeans. Athletic guys need clothes that take advantage of their fit frame, not hide it.”

Color Musts…“Any color usually works on this guy. Athletes tend to stray from bright and flamboyant hues, though, so it would be nice to see them try these out for a change, especially for summer.”

Color Busts…According to David, nada. This guy can rock anything, so free reign to shop ‘til you drop (for him that is) ladies!

Go-To Getup…“Slim dark jeans with a white v-neck and black blazer over top. Or a vintage denim shirt unbuttoned with a white v-neck and darker jeans. All Saints or Varvatos boots. 



Not too short, not too tall; not too heavy, not too thin. Just your regular everyday normal guy.

Style Dos…“The Average Guy gets fashion but just doesn’t have the time or energy to really make it work. He doesn’t want to take fashion chances, but doesn’t want to look bad either. Straight leg jeans, such as Levi’s 501 fit, are perfect for this guy.”

Style Don’ts …“Loose fitting jeans, super skinny jeans, and oversized shirts. Anything really busy or heavy printed with skulls.”

Color Musts…“Anything basic.”

Color Busts…“Anything wild.”

Go-To Getup…“A pair of khakis with a vintage wash, Fiorentini + Baker boots, and a black Cohesive v-neck shirt. The v isn’t super low so the Average Guy will still feel comfortable wearing it.”



Slender, towering above the rest, and with a metabolism most girls would envy. This guy’s biggest concern? Bumping his head on something or not being able to fit into an airplane seat (amongst other things of course).

Style Dos…“This guy should consider himself lucky. Most fashion designers use this body type to create all of their looks, so everything they make is slim cut—the Dior man as they call it. Very tailored cuts that hug the body look best on this type of man. Horizontal stripes too.”

Style Don’ts…“Thin fabrics and vertical stripes. They enhance the Tall/Skinny man’s height and highlight his small frame.”

Color Musts…“Light tones: white, beiges, light greys.”

Color Busts…“Darks.”

Go-To Getup…Dior or Tom Ford suit for dressy occasions. A pair of our slim raw jeans with a white striped neck for a night on the town.”



Opposite of The Tall/Skinny Man. See above.

Style Dos…“Less fitted, more forgiving cuts, looser shirts, vertical stripes, and boot cut jeans.”

Style Don’ts …“Slim jeans, tight fitted shirts, and crew neck sweatshirts. Stretch will make this guy look like a sausage. And so will horizontal stripes.”

Color Musts…“Darks: navy, black, dark grey…”

Color Busts…“Whites.”

Go-To Getup…“Dark, looser fitting jeans with a black button down.”






Photos (top to bottom): Cohesive & Co.,,,