What We Bought: Chloé Boots, Zara Bags and More (Forum Shopaholics)

Chloe Susanna boots - forum buys

Forum members picked up items in a wintry palette of black, cream, olive green, and purple this week. Some sales are still going on, and forum members can be counted on to take full advantage of hunting for a deal. They also know when to snap things up while they can. Here are some of the best of their latest purchases.

Chloe Susanna boots - forum buysZara sweater - forum buys

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*Isobel* barely paused to think before pulling the trigger on a pair of Chloé’s studded Susanna boots after discovering that the popular style had been re-released.

Teja shopped Zara and came home with an olive green knit sweater with a waxy metallic sheen.

Acne short dress - forum buysAsos gold hair cone - forum buys

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POCKETKITTEN followed up last week’s purchase of a long strapless Acne dress with a shorter long-sleeved version by the same brand.

Teja will be able to dramatically dress up her next ponytail with this metallic gold hair cone from Asos.

Maje dress - forum buysH&M scarf - forum buys

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Themightysloane picked up a two-tone black and purple dress from Maje’s Fall/Winter sale.

Matryoshkadoll’s new H&M scarf features lace, a floral pattern, and a bit of a pompom trim, but it still somehow manages to not look too busy.

Zara bag - forum buysZara black structured shopper - forum buys


Rockin Republic found this soft leather Zara tote on sale.

Teja went in the opposite direction, purchasing this structured Zara bag from their new collection.

All images via the Fashion Spot forums