Domestic Dreams: Closed Set with Julie Bensman

I wish I could use the weather as an excuse but the fact of the matter is, NYC hit the 60s last week. No, I barely breathed fresh air this past weekend because my apartment was in need of some major TLC. Maybe it's our impending lease renewal or just the start of a new year that made my roommate and me take a good, hard look around Apt 3D and decide we needed to take action. So we did, last Saturday, painting our entire kitchen a chalkboard slate color on which we can now pen grocery lists (her) and obnoxious, juvenile jokes (me) with red chalk (a very cool product, I highly recommend).

But now I've got the bug, casting a judgmental eye on every corner, wall and piece of furniture in our abode, imagining what sort of facelift I can give it given my available time (and, more importantly, budget). In an effort to motivate myself to take retail action and perhaps, inspire any of you in similar situations, here's a small sampling of what's on my latest Shelter Wish List:

Ok, so the stay-on-budget goal may have gone out the window, but a girl can dream. Looking forward to seeing you at our housewarming party soon…