The Boys Weigh In on Some of Fashion Week’s Most Interesting Trends for Women

Remember last summer when we polled a group of innocent dudes about the season’s hottest fashion and beauty trends for women (you know, crop tops, bright lips and all that fun stuff)? Well, we just couldn’t help ourselves again, we had to bring the boys back in to report on New York Fashion Week Fall 2012. This time, however, we decided to put an interesting little twist on things—we intentionally asked the guys about Fashion Week trends we thought they might hate. But before we get to the juicy good stuff, let’s re-meet our men and introduce two newbies:

  • Drew: a 26-year-old consultant from North Carolina and a self-proclaimed sports fanatic.
  • Kenny: a 27-year-old nightlife enthusiast and entrepreneur, Night Tap and Coast Medical Service.
  • Jay: a 29-year-old actor who's learned that honesty isn’t always the best policy, especially when it comes to critiquing a woman's looks.
  • Rafael: a 32-year-old fashion designer and the main man behind 214 Designs.
  • Kyle: a 21-year-old southern boy who loves having a good time and his girlfriend.
  • Stephen: a 27-year-old CEO, the founder of and a married man.