Sweatshirt Style: Don’t Discount the Crewneck

Convinced that sweatshirts can’t be high fashion? Think again. When you subtract the hood from the typical hoodie—a crucial step—the humble sweatshirt goes from super-sporty to rather stylish. Crewneck sweatshirts are the perfect cold weather answer to tees—versatile (dress ‘em up or down) and oh so warm and comfy. And sweatshirts, in all their boxy, familiar glory, are just a little more playful than your typical sweater. If seeing great crewneck styles in the just dropped Fall 2012 collections of both Prabal Gurung and Rachel Antonoff means anything, we think that the style’s here to stay for a while.

Style your crewneck sweats the same way you would a t-shirt: creatively. They look great with both printed and solid midi- and maxi-skirts (as Teen Vogue’s Jane Keltner de Valle shows here with a Jason Wu sweat and Junya Watanabe pleated skirt.) Or, have your sweatshirt top a pair of winter shorts. Though sweatshirts will always look great with solids, black particularly, printed bottoms (imagine a festive floral pant!) can really up the fun factor. Whatever you do, try to hop out of your comfort zone by considering a jeans pairing as a very last resort.