NYC Real Estate and Home Decor: A Stylish Perspective

From Hermes and Bottega Veneta, to Kate Spade and Jason Wu, a slew of fashion brands have branched out with their own home decor lines. Whether you're considering selling or renting your home or whether you're on the fence as to what is worth the investment, home furnishing decisions can make or break an abode's appeal. We turned to top New York realtor Tierney Model, of Sotheby's International Realty, to get an expert's opinion on some of the latest designer home furnishings, the dish on where the fashion set lives, what key things to consider when moving to NYC, and more.

The Fashion Spot: Is there an area or particular buildings that are home to a high density of established fashion industry professionals?

Tierney Model: Wherever there is a fabulous apartment, there is likely to be an equally fabulous and fashionable person or people living there. So, to answer the question, I would say that fashion industry professionals live all over NYC, from Tribeca to the Upper East Side, Harlem, Financial District, you name it, they’re there.

tFS: Have you noticed that up and coming designers tend to live in a particular area?

TM: Not necessarily, up and coming designers tend to live in areas that may be close to where they work, or where they get their materials, or inspiration. Also, if they haven’t “made it” yet, they likely live in an apartment that financially makes sense.

tFS: Would you mind sharing your thoughts on a few notable designer home items?

TM: Sure! (see below)

tFS: What key things should one consider when moving to NYC and looking for their first apartment?

TM: It is important for clients to make a mental checklist of what is important to them. Do you need to be near transportation? Close to where you work?  Do you have pets that may need to be near a park? Decide what is important to you and go for it. If you’re still dreaming about an apartment the day after you see it, I’d say, take it!

tFS: What do you think is an area that is often overlooked by people new to NYC?

TM: Well, I’m not certain there is just one area, but I have to say that I do think Harlem is quite fabulous and sometimes overlooked. The townhouses there are old school New York and so elegant, not to mention the influx of new restaurants, and jazz bars.

tFS: As a native New Yorker, do you have any suggestions for places to shop, go out, dine, or hang out for those looking to break into the fashion industry?

TM: Well, I would say hang out on “Fashion Avenue,” of course, or perhaps better known as 7th Avenue. Many designers have their studios in the 20’s-40’s on 7th Avenue. This is truly the heart and soul of fashion. For someone looking to break out into the industry, I’d say visit FIT and Parsons, they always have great exhibits available and you never know who you could meet. As far as shopping, check out vintage stores in Chelsea, and the Hells Kitchen flea market. There are no shortage of bars and restaurants in the area, but I think the Ace Hotel is a good spot to check out.

tFS: What are important things to keep in mind when staging a home that you want to rent or sell?

TM: Pay attention to the small things, remove clutter, wash windows, tidy up the closets, and keep colors neutral, if possible. People like a clean space, fresh flowers, and please, please make sure to throw out dead plants or dried flowers… I don’t care how sentimental they are. We want to see live things only!

tFS: Where do you shop for your home furnishings?

TM: All over, you name it, I’ve been. I love flea markets, Dixie Highway in Florida, home stores in Connecticut, West Elm, antique stores on Charles Street in Boston…and the list goes on.