What’s Your Fashion Pet Peeve? We Ask the Experts

Following our look at experts’ beauty pet peeves, we’re tackling their fashion pet peeves. Mine? Pinky rings. Anyone wearing one is guaranteed to make me cringe. Here’s what some other fashion industry folks can’t sartorially stomach.

Faux Bling

"When people wear too much faux bling, be it on their clothes or just jewelry. Sparkles look best in moderation and accessories should be chosen carefully so as not to overdo it." — Jewelry designer Kristin Hanson 

Off-Season Pantyhouse and Off-Color Combos

“I never understood nude pantyhose in the summer. Or strange color combinations like red and green or orange and black. Or brown clothes.” — nOir founder and designer Leeora Catalan

Men in Skirts

"Men who wear skirts and faux-hawks ahhaah!!!!" — Cash NYC designer Francesco Civetta

Shoe Issues; Faux Designers

“Women who wear shoes they can't walk in, it's not seductive. You're better off wearing something a little lower and feeling like you can take on the world in them. That's seductive. Also, everyone and their mom is a designer these days. You wouldn't call yourself a lawyer just because you'd spent some time in a police cell. Go to school." — Mechante of London designer Deborah Lyons

Bright Color Aversions

"I really do not understand when someone places a moral judgment on bright colors, stating or thinking they could not or would not wear something because of some moral value attached to the color or its brightness…for instance one woman stated, 'Oh, I cannot wear lime green anymore! I have a baby to take care of now!'" — Lingerie designer Deborah Marquit

Hoods with Blazers

“My biggest fashion pet peeve is possibly hoods with blazers and somehow that always goes with these mirrored sunglasses look. Not so handsome.” — Timo Weiland co-designer Alan Eckstein

Minimalist Running Shoes

“Minimalist running shoes anywhere, anyhow, anyone, anyplace, in any weather, for any activity.” — Design director for Bill Blass Jeffrey Monteiro

Feather Earrings; Mom Jeans 

“My personal fashion pet peeve would be feather earrings and girls wearing those vintage high waisted mom jeans. Not a good look.” — eloquii by The Limited designer Jodi Arnold

White Fears

“My pet peeve is that women still think they cannot wear white before Memorial Day and after Labor Day! White has become a year round basic — and looks especially chic in the middle of the winter!”  — Senior vice president of design at The Limited Elliot Staples

Poorly Made Clothes

"My biggest fashion pet peeve is a hemline that falls out and the woman who doesn't fix it. It is important to maintain you clothes, which means buying great clothes that can be maintained and that do not easily fall apart.” — Designer Norisol Ferrari

Untucked Men's Dress Shirts

“My biggest fashion pet peeve is the way men’s dress shirts look when they are worn untucked. It’s almost impossible to find button downs that fit perfectly at the right length, so they usually look boxy and sloppy. To correct this common mishap, I created UNTUCKit—the first shirt brand to factor in length when creating men’s button downs, polos, henleys, and t-shirts—so that they consistently fit correctly.” — UNTUCKit founder/designer Chris Riccobono.

images: IMAXtree