Summer Trends Already In Your Closet

It's understandable that you get excited about spring trends — we do, too. After the dour clothing of fall, spring is a chance to feel renewed in lighter colors and fabrics. Publications love to tout the next big thing, and slyly imply it's brand spanking new. But at The Fashion Spot, we've been through more than a few season cycles and are here to tell you that dressing in the hottest trends for Spring/Summer 2012 does not have to break your bank. It doesn't even have to break your concentration. You've likely got some choice pieces hanging in your closet right now that can be pulled out and worn to great sartorial success. 

As they say, what was once old becomes new again. That sheer top you bought last year reminiscent of 3.1 Phillip Lim's collection is still hot, as designers for Spring 2012 jumped on his bandwagon. Did you stock up on a few pretty lace frocks in 2010? Bring them out and wear them with pride, lace was all over this year's runways. Bright pops of color have been making the rounds for a few years and have hit their stride in 2012. Even sporty style, supposedly inspired by the Summer 2012 Olympics, poked its head out back in 09. You get the idea. Here is a collection of Spring 2012 looks that are sure to have you digging through your closet and pulling out chic, relevant outfits you didn't know you already have.