Will The Spice Girls’ Nineties Style Ever Be Cool Again? We Hope So!

Is it wrong that the announcement of The Spice Girls' upcoming West End musical, Viva Forever, makes us want to pull out our old platform boots and tie up our hair into those tiny Baby Spice bunches again? Nah, surely we’re not alone! The musical Viva Forever tells the story of an adopted girl named Viva who enters a reality singing contest, and it's jam-packed with the Spice Girls’ hits. It was written by the British comedienne Jennifer Saunders and produced by Mamma Mia! creator Judy Craymer. Theatregoers will definitely be in for a treat.

The Spice Girls’ style

Yesterday, as pictures of the Spice Girls reuniting in London to promote Viva Forever began to circulate, we couldn’t help but reminisce. The way they used to dress back in the Nineties is so unlike the fashionable and highly-groomed styles they wear today. Once the group went their separate ways, they no longer had to play up to their characters and were free to develop their true personal styles, so in the garbage went that Union Jack dress.

Nineties’ Grunge

The Spice Girls were one of the most inspirational girl groups of the Nineties, and deny it as much as you want, but they also influenced our stylistic choices. Although the world of fashion is currently finding it cool to channel Nineties’ Grunge (think Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love), will it ever again be trendy to drag out those Adidas tracksuits and spice up our styles? Or will the Spice Girls' Nineties style remain just a memory?

You be the judge by taking a look at our slideshow of the Spice Girls’ style transitions over the years.