Love It or Hate It: What Men Really Think About Summer’s Hottest Trends for Women

For the past year or so, we’ve been on a serious mission to find out what men actually think about the fashion and beauty trends us ladies love; from nail art to flatforms and bright lips to crop tops, we’ve asked them about it all. Luckily, there’s always a polarizing new craze in the world of fashion.

Check out what the men had to say about this season’s hottest trends. First, let’s meet them:

  • Drew: a 26-year-old consultant from North Carolina and a self-proclaimed sports fanatic.
  • Kenny: a 28-year-old nightlife enthusiast and entrepreneur, Night Tap and Coast Medical Service.
  • Ben: a 26-year-old study abroad advisor living in Minneapolis.
  • Sebastian: a 28-year-old real estate broker from LA, Edgestone Real Estate
  • Chris: a 24-year-old IT consultant from London

1. Top Knots: Love ‘em or hate ‘em, and why?

Top Knot

Ben – Love them. I am sure my hetero counterparts will disagree, but I think when a girl can pull off a bun, it looks great. She just has to have the right bone structure…

Drew I prefer when women wear their hair down, especially with wavy curls, but I can get on board with this look. Just beware of the super tight pull back.

Kenny Hate them. They look too uptight. Relax, and have some fun! I prefer hair down. You girls have luscious locks…let them flow…

The Overall Verdict? Men don’t exactly love high buns, but they don’t hate them either. Hmm, we expected them to say way worse…



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2. Peplums: What’s the first thing that comes to mind?


Chris Are these women fat/pregnant and trying to hide it? It’s like an excess flap that ruins an otherwise pretty dress.

Sebastian Ugly. I like simple dresses, not these over-the-top creations.

Drew Seems like this could be a substitute for a purse? I’m not wild about it.

The Overall Verdict? Simply put, men just don’t “get” peplums.






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3. Bralette Tops: Love ‘em or hate ‘em, and when are they appropriate?

Bralette tops

Kenny Love them. Anything that shows off the mid section is ok with me. They’re appropriate for festivals and/or the pool, but not so much for more formal, dress up type events.

Chris I like them because I can pretty much see everything, but I hate them for that exact same reason. They’re perfect for festivals—they work nicely in the heat and are easy to layer up when it gets cold in the evening.

Ben Overall, I hate it. With that being said, if you are an 18-25 year-old girl with a smoking hot body and can pull it off in the right circumstances (beach or very casual social settings), go for it! Preferably close to the water where people are half naked anyways…

The Overall Verdict? Men are cool with you wearing bralettes at the beach or a music festival, but anywhere else (ahem, the red carpet)? Not so much.

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4. Dip-Dyed Hair: What’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Dip-dyed ends

Sebastian The 90s. I’m okay with a girl dying her hair, maybe minor highlights of the same color in different shades or something, but not blonde and green or brown and fuchsia.

Drew Did she dip her hair in Fun Dip or Kool-Aid? This makes me think of Jersey Shore.

Kenny This girl is on drugs.

The Overall Verdict? Hands down, dudes aren’t feeling this trend!






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5. High-Low Skirts: Love ‘em or hate ‘em, and why?

High-low skirt

Chris Meh, only certain girls can actually pull these skirts off. And as horrible as it sounds, they do have to be kind of tall or skinny for them to work.

Sebastian Not sure, but they’re kind of growing on me. If you can pull them off with confidence and style, then go for it.

Ben Hate them. I think the cut of a skirt in this shape is completely awkward on any woman.

The Overall Verdict? High-low skirts are for the super stylish only. You know, like those girls who always get photographed for fashion blogs?





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It may be true that women dress for other women, but hey, it’s still hilarious to get a guy’s perspective, isn’t it!?