Get the Liverpool Scouse Look

Not every part of the UK can be as stylish as its fashion capital London, but each area definitely sets its own fashion trends. Recently, we’ve been seeing quite a lot of Scouse ladies setting trends in the media. What’s a Scouser? It’s those who hail from the northern town, Liverpool. Liverpool ladies certainly have their own distinctive style, and usually dress on a daily basis with huge hair, fake eyelashes, and makeup made up to a degree which would be fit for a night on the tiles. It’s also widely acclaimed that Scouse girls love their fashion so much that they would typically starve for a day or even two in order to have enough money to buy a new outfit for a night out. Plus, they can very often be seen leaving their houses and going about their daily business with their heads covered in rollers in preparation for that night of partying. Now, that’s dedication!

The Scouse Brow

One of the biggest trends in Liverpool has to be the Scouse Brow, which is not only an obligatory look for celebrities deriving from Liverpool, but it has now also filtered across to an amplitude of celebs from all over the UK. Basically, you pluck off almost all of your own eyebrows and then paint on big thick new ones. Really! We can’t help but think that it’s quite a scary look, but hopefully it’ll die down before it goes anymore mainstream. Fingers crossed. To see exactly what we mean, take a look (below right) at one of Liverpool’s most famous WAGs, Colleen Rooney.

Get the Liverpool look

Fake eyelashes, big hair and the Scouse Brow are part of the Scouse look, but what about the clothes? As you’ve probably already guessed, the key to their styles is glamour; but it is, however, more glamour model than Hollywood glamour. Dresses are short and sequins are everywhere. Laid-back daywear often consists of the scary velour track suit teamed with a pair of UGG-ly boots (see what we did there!). Love it or loathe it, Scousers claim that they set their own trends so as not to conform to what the London fashion industry dictates, so we have to at least reward them for their creative thinking. If you fancy trying out the Scouse look, be inspired by the picture (above left) of some of the Liverpudlian cast from Desperate Scousewives. (That’s right, a reality TV show which followed the stylish lives of a few ordinary Liverpool ladies). They are also soon to launch the online store, Scouse Boutique, where you can keep up to date with or buy the latest Scouse trends.

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