So Pinteresting: Olympics Edition

Unless you’ve been fully sheltered by not one, but many, rocks over the past week or so, you know it’s Olympics time! Homes, offices, and gyms (I guess?) the world over are filled with people all atwitter about who their favorite gymnast is, and whether swimmer Ryan Lochte should have been allowed to wear his American flag grill on the Olympic podium (oh no, I’m serious, it really happened).

For the second installment of So Pinteresting, it seemed only right to highlight some of my favorite Olympic fashion findings. These run the gamut from showy nails to bizarre hats to some pretty cool DIY jewelry. I won’t lie: I love how the Olympics brings the world of Pinterest together in a collective expression of, “Wow, I will never be that athletically inclined ever in my life, but I can totally make a bracelet!” It’s so heartwarming.