Wear These Spring 2012 Trends Before It’s Too Late

There's lots of fashion items that go out of season and need to be put away for a year. But what about those items that should be put away forever? (Or, at least until the next fashion cycle brings them back around.) You should probably trot these trends out now, because they may look dated come Spring 2013.


Now, it's not that pastels will ever truly be banished from fashionable society forever. But Spring 2012 really brought on the sherbet hues and Easter egg colors. I appreciate tradition and a theme, so you will usually find me in a pastel pink or lavender on Easter, but as a full-on fashion trend, I find it all a bit sickly sweet. I'll be glad if the super-feminine color ways don't make it through the winter.

Exposed stomach

I was pretty sure the belly shirt was a flash-in-the-pan until Kristen Stewart made her first post-scandal appearance in a revealing ensemble that showed off her toned mid-section. There are girls whom this article will always suit and let's not act like Stewart isn't one of them. They know who they are and they will always wear it. But the general population is better off leaving beachwear at the beach.

The Sea Theme

Chanel showed shell clutches, Versace had a veritable mermaid on the runway, and Sarah Burton created a coral fantasy at McQueen. This trend may not have trickled down to the masses in quite the same way as the others, and themes are harder to pull off in everyday wear. Plus, they're just the sort of thing designers like to switch up from season to season. If you took a shining to this, better to focus on the more classic nautical style next summer.

Clear Shoes

This is a trend I'm not sure will really go away, it seems to cling to the edges of all that is tasteful. When it's reproduced cheaply, it's no good. This year we saw lucite and other clear materials from Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, Emporio Armani, and Maria Katrantzou in modern shapes that were still feminine. But beware the tricky trend in less talented hands.

images: IMAXtree