The New Leather: It’s Everywhere For Fall, Here’s How to Wear It

For decades, leather has been the go-to material for coats, shoes, and belts. Its luxe appeal and durability can't be beat, and certainly not with anything man-made or designer-contrived (though of course designers have come up with a variety of treatments to make the staple more interesting). Whether it's dyed, embossed, or made to shine like a new penny, it tends to remain steadfastly in outerwear and accessories territory. Not quite so, nowadays.

Leather has entered into an entirely new realm that includes every possible piece in your wardrobe. From tops and skirts to dresses and pants, this sumptuous material is function mixed with fashion, ideal for cool weather. Quality leather, or even faux pieces, will mold to the shape of your body, provide warmth and add texture to whatever you pair it with. Take a cue from these choice runway looks and add leather in unexpected ways for the mark of a true style star.