8 Foolproof Ways to Look Better in Any Outfit

Having one of those days where everything you try on looks like complete crap? Take a deep breath, de-stress, and prepare yourself for sheer hauteness. We talked to fashion stylists, head designers, and more to get the skinny on how you can look better in any outfit. Here’s what they had to say!

1. Get Your Clothes Altered

Let’s be real, no one fits perfectly into the clothes they buy off the rack, but investing a little more and getting them altered can truly make all the difference, says Anya Sarre, Accessories Stylist at ShoeDazzle. It doesn’t have to cost you a ton of money either. “Ask your local dry cleaner if they can alter them for you – sometimes a simple hem is all it takes.”

2. Add Standout Accessories

When in doubt, let your accessories stand out! Red carpet correspondent and NYC-based fashion stylist Colin T. McDonald says metallic statement jewelry or accessories will give a pop to any dull look. “A long-chained statement necklace is the perfect add on to draw the eyes down to the waist, while a printed scarf in a bold color always adds character to a sluggish image.”

3. Wear the Right Bra

According to lingerie expert Jada Michaels, the bra you choose can either make or break your look. For example, “if you’re rocking a solid sheer shirt, pair it with a lacy bra in the same color for a classy style with a hint of sex appeal. Or, if you’re looking for a great bra to don with a silk or satin top, seamless is the way to go,” she notes. “You can also try a long-line bra, which extends from your breasts to your waistline almost like a corset, to accentuate your curves and smooth out lines under flimsy fabrics.”

4. Take the Time to Actually Do Your Hair

We know it’s hard to sacrifice those extra few minutes of sleep each morning, but believe it or not, doing your hair doesn’t always have to equate to red carpet-worthy curls, says fashion editor and stylist Lela London. “Styling with a purpose, whether it be a sleek blowout or a braided topknot, will transform your outfit into a ‘look’ stat.”

5. Invest In Figure Flattering Pants

Want to flaunt those curves? “Whether you’re at the office, out for the night, running errands, or just at home, the key to looking good is finding a pair of pants that offer you the most comfort, says Lisette L Co-Founder and Head Designer, Lisette Limoges. A must-have for all women is the ankle cut pant. “This versatile style allows women to go evening formal with a sexy pump and glam top or daytime casual with flats and a cute camisole.”

6. Add Some Height

What girl doesn’t instantly feel more confident when she puts on a pair of sexy pumps or sky-high wedges? “A little bit of height will make your legs appear longer and leaner and will also make your clothes drape better,” points out Anya. “If you can’t wear heels or wedges, a platform sneaker will even do the trick.”

7. Wear the Same Color Tights and Shoes

To add inches to your stems, NYC-based stylist Hillary Cooper swears by this little trick. “Opaque black tights with a black wedge, boots or even a ballet flat, for instance, is a chic way to elongate your limbs and look a bit taller.”

8. Flash a Smile

“The most important accessory is the one that goes with every outfit, and that's your smile,” says Victoria’s Secret bra specialist Allison J. Howard. “Beaming with confidence and owning your look is what makes every fashionista desirable.” Well, ain’t that the truth, sister!

image: IMAXtree