So Pinteresting: The Ultimate Home Decor Inspiration

For every fashion-themed pin we see on Pinterest, we usually see about four times as many home-related posts. With eager users ready to share everything from natural home cleaning recipes to shoe stashing, it's hard not to get your interest piqued. This week we're all about the inspirational home decor pins: the right way to do a canopy bed (hint: sheer material and tall ceilings), what makes a bathroom totally relaxing, and how to keep your love of color from ruining your perfect minimal vibes. We love Pinterest and its users because, while many pins are about as aspirational as they are inspirational, there are also many down-to-earth tips and ideas floating around. Though these homes and ideas may seem higher end, there is always a lesson to glean. Click through to see if you can't get inspired yourself and conjure a way to make the images and ideas work for your personal space.