The New Classics: 10 Fashion Trends With Staying Power

Trends aren't meant to last, right? That's why we call them trends. But that's not necessarily the case. Each "classic" wardrobe piece from the little black dress to ballet flats started out as a trend. And there are quite a few trending items on the market today that we predict will have serious staying power. They may have started out small, but they've become street style mainstays over more than one season. Since it's our job to love and report all that is fashion, we've been keeping our eye on them. We've watched them grow into the potential classics of tomorrow and have prepared a nifty little slideshow to showcase our top 10 current must-haves that will stay in your closet for a long time to come. Call them investment pieces (if you spend a pretty penny) or call them your go-tos, just don't miss out on having them at your personal disposal for cool, chic styles.