10 Crazy Wearable Ways to Wear Leather Leggings

Need some texture to punch up a casual day look? Wear leather bottoms. Need to add sex appeal to cocktail hour? Wear leather bottoms. Invited to a movie premiere? You guessed it, wear leather bottoms. They're the answer to so many sartorial problems, it boggles the mind. Leather (or faux) pants and leggings are an obsession for tFS staffers and one of our top picks for trends that are meant to last. So it's only natural we want to revel in a street style, celeb-filled slideshow that gives us so many ideas for how to wear them in our own lives.

From classic combinations, to rock star chic, we have the gamut covered in these 10 looks. Both American and British fashionistas are embracing this hot style like nobody's business (we're talking to you Fearne Cotton, Elle Macpherson). The London and New York set loves a little edge and we love them for it! So sit back, relax, and take in the show.