12 Pairs of Shoes That Put the ‘Fashion’ in ‘Fast Fashion’

From wedges and flats to heels and wellies, each new season brings a crop of "it" shoes. Put a few celebs, models, or style stars in high-end designer kicks and the next thing you know, those who can acquire a pair wouldn't be caught dead walking around in anything but high-heel wedge sneakers. Don't get us wrong, Isabel Marant is a genius. But the world of trendy shoes can be a bit more complicated as your budget diminishes. Fast fashion stays on top of what's hot and offers lower-priced versions of the styles you crave. Unfortunately, it's hard to tell which retailers you can trust to create an affordable, yet wearable, shoe and which are unabashedly pumping out knock-offs that are way overpriced (we're looking at you, Steve Madden). Here's where tFS comes to the rescue. We've put together a crop of chic shoes that are not only affordable, but are also on-trend without being a dead ringer for someone else's original design. An extra stud here, an unexpected color there, and you've got the individual look you want while still being able to buy your groceries for the week. Everybody wins!