5 Kick*ss Creative Costume Ideas For Halloween

When you’re in college, Halloween is all about who can dress the skankiest and score the hottest superhero—so what if you can’t really tell what he looks like underneath that mask? Now that we’re (thankfully) past that point in our lives, we thought we’d ask some real chicks to share their not-so-sexy, yet still totally kick*ss, costume ideas for October 31. 

A Chanel Runway Model

Chanel hula-hoop

This year, I’ll personally be attempting to dress up as a Chanel runway model! But not just any model, THE model that carried Karl’s crazy hula-hoop beach bag, which obviously makes this costume that much more awesome. To get the look, I plan on wearing some Chanel shades, a black one-piece bathing suit (or bodysuit), some platform wedges, and of course, I have to purchase two giant hula hoops and somehow stuff/hot glue a massive, yet inexpensive, white quilted clutch in between them. The bag got so much buzz recently that I know some fellow partygoers will have to recognize who I am. 


Roy Lichtenstein Lady

“I’m going as a Roy Lichtenstein lady,” says PR girl Rachel Cooper. “I was inspired by the recent retrospective at the Art Institute of Chicago! I’ll be wearing white base face paint with red stipple dots over it and black accent edging, retro clothing and a 60s styled, blonde curly wig.”

Click here to check out a fab YouTube tutorial by MAC.


Hot Potato

“This year, I’m going as a ‘hot potato,’” says Achelle Dunaway, makeup artist and creative director for e.l.f. Cosmetics. “I purchased a vintage potato sack off of Etsy, cut out the bottom and plan on wearing it like a dress. I also bought some beige tulle to use as a belt and have nude heels I can rock. I might even grab a snack size potato chips bag to use as a clutch as well. Overall, I’m super excited about this costume because it’s really affordable and still very cute.”

Click here for tons of hot potato sack options!


Picasso’s Two-Faced Woman

“My inspiration for a great Halloween costume comes from a painting by Picasso depicting a ‘two faced woman,’" says celebrity makeup artist Julie Tussey of Angelo David Salon. “From a beauty standpoint, it’s really fun because you get to divide your face into two very different and conflicting looks!” Peep the steps below for a full tutorial, courtesy of Julie:

Step 1: To start, divide your face using a liner pen. Instead of a straight line, opt for more of an S shape. “I like to do a good vs. evil theme,” explains Julie, “so I make one side of my face darker than the other.”

Step 2: Now the fun really begins! On the “good” side, draw a high brow and smiling lip and finish things off with a bit of pink blush.  

Step 3: On the “evil” side, draw a low brow and frowning lip and complete the look with a dark, contoured cheek.

Step 4: To further create conflict, use different eye shadows on each side of your face—for example, draw a smoky eye on the evil side and use bright eye shadow on the good.

Step 5: Finally, put on a big hat and a super sophisticated, long dress, and if you really want to drive home the point, mount a frame like structure to your outfit (you can easily make this out of cardboard) in order to look like a painting!

Donut costume

Donut Girl (and Her Pet Donut Hole!)

“We’re doing a food themed Halloween this year,” exclaims ABC’s The Chew correspondent and design expert Evette Rios. "I’m dressing as a donut, and my dog is dressing as the donut hole!”

Don’t worry ladies, we’ve got her full how-to (for both costumes!) below.

What you’ll need for your costume: 

  • Inner Tube
  • Can of flat light brown spray paint (especially formulated for plastic)
  • Can of glossy chocolate brown spray paint (especially formulated for plastic)
  • Colorful plastic straws
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Ribbon
  • Bakers cap and box of donuts (optional)

Step 1: Inflate the inner tube.

Step 2: Spray paint it with the flat, light brown spray paint you purchased. 

Step 3: Now, spray paint just the top of the inner tube with the chocolate brown.

Step 4: While the paint is still wet, cut up some colorful plastic straws and sprinkle them all over the top.

Step 5: Attach ribbon to the back with hot glue and strap it on. Finish off your costume with a bakers cap and a box of donuts.

You can also check out Evette’s video tutorial here

What you’ll need for your pet’s costume:

  • Inexpensive pet "T-shirt" that fits your dog well in a tan or light brown color, or a color that coordinates with the fur color of your dog
  • Plastic beach ball or other inflatable ball
  • Can of flat light brown spray paint (especially formulated for plastic)
  • Can of glossy chocolate brown spray paint (especially formulated for plastic)
  • Hot glue gun

Step 1: Inflate the beach ball.

Step 2: Spray paint the entire thing with light brown spray paint. 

Step 3: Next, spray paint just the top of the beach ball with the chocolate brown.

Step 4: While the paint is still wet, cut up some colorful straws and sprinkle them all over.

Step 5: Carefully hot glue the bottom of the "donut hole" to the top of the doggie t-shirt.

Chanel image: IMAXtree