We’re Really Feeling These Super Fuzzy Sweaters

As fall brings cooler weather and its wisps of wind enclose us, there is just about nothing more cozy than knitwear—which can get a bit tired as it's the staple of keeping warm. How to keep it fresh? Designers typically play with silhouettes and proportions, patterns and cabling—but our favorite way to mix it up is by texture. As sweaters themselves are the epitome of coziness, the fluffy sweater, typically a luxurious mix of angora or mohair, is the coziest of the lot. You can go basic and neutral with muted colors or you can go crazy with fun hues and striping. The 10 sweaters we've chosen run the gamut, perfect for those willing to go out of their comfort zone (in a daring fuzz-sleeved number) or who want to start out slow with basic colors and cuts. Click through for our picks.