Velvet Goldmine: 10 Gorgeous Plush Pieces to Buy Now

There are certain fabrics and colors that correspond to the seasons. Just as white and pastels in soft cottons are exactly what we want to wear in the warm months, plush velvet is what we're craving for fall and winter. Lucky for us, this regal textile never seems to go out of fashion, so we've got lots to choose from. While a full-on velvet look can be dated (ironic 90s velvet-imposter dress anyone?), when it's done right, the piece can really sparkle. The key to getting this trend down? Stick to darker colors (blacks, reds) and well-made pieces. If you can't go full throttle, try items that incorporate velvet elements to get the look without going totally overboard. This season, designers and high street shops have reminded us that velvet looks good all over, from classic velvet pants to fun tops. Click through for our picks.