Pop It! The Best Detachable Collars Anywhere

Of all the fashion trends that have emerged in that past few years, the one that's stuck around the most is also the one that was seemingly least likely to last: the detachable collar. While the history of the collar is vast, the recent uptick in popularity can most readily be attributed to Miu Miu's Spring 2010 show, where stiff white collars with quirky drawings of cats and artfully naked ladies ruled. Since every blogger and front-rower went gaga for them, every other brand and high-street shop has gotten into the game—meaning that not only is there a total wealth of style options for the collar seeker, but there is also a whole price range from which to pluck. Our favorite collars tend to be similar riffs off the classic white but we also like those that are totally unexpected, taking on different shapes and from different materials. Click through for the best of the web.