9 Ways to Glam It Up for the Holidays


Sartorially speaking, it doesn't get any better than the holiday season when we get to bust out, splurge on, or Black Friday shop for party dresses, fabulous day-to-night separates, and all kinds of glistening accessories. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you shop and put together all those fabulous outfits for the holiday parties you've got lined up in the weeks to come.



1. Transition your favorite summer pieces with an army or leather jacket

The military trend will never really go away — and whose wardrobe couldn't use a seasonless leather jacket? Go the budget-friendly route and work in a fitted, classically cut outerwear piece to winterize your favorite summer dress.

2. Layer an understated blazer over a loud print dress

Going straight from work to a party? No problem. You can wear the wildest, most colorful printed dress just as long as you temper it with something streamlined and understated like a staple fitted black blazer.

3. Offset a crop top with a maxi or below-the-knee skirt

Maxi and below-the-knee skirts are just what the doctor ordered to forget about the cold weather. Channel your inner bohemian by pairing one with a long cropped top (one that only exposes a sliver of your midriff) and a long vest (we suggest cashmere).

4. Belt a heavy dress

Create an effortlessly chic winter look by belting a maxi dress made of a warm, cozy, and weighty fabric with a leather or metal belt. Pair it with a pendant, booties, and a hat and you'll be good to go.


5. Layer, layer, layer


Layering is key to looking chic while staying warm. For example, opt for a lightweight cashmere sweater or a thin leather top and layer a lightweight short scarf and fitted jacket that you can take off as needed.

6. Spice up a pantsuit

There's nothing like buckets of bracelets and handfuls of necklaces — or one big chunky statement piece — to lift your work pantsuit into a fantastic party outfit. Just make sure to opt for a suit with a fitted blazer.

7. Go monochrome

Work the monochrome trend by pairing a below-the-knee fitted skirt with a cozy sweater that's thin enough to tuck into your skirt. Finish off the look with a festive belt (think glimmering buckle).

8. Play up a button down

Accessories are one of the best ways to transition a look and one can never go wrong with a crisp white button down tucked into a fitted skirt. Work this look by day at the office and then finish it with sky-high pumps, a funky hat, or chunky baubles to make it work for your holiday soiree.

9. Go retro

Don't opt for your run-of-the-mill little sparkling dress. Work the drop waist trend and you're sure to make a glistening entrance that no one will soon forget.

Images: IMAXtree