So Pinteresting: Celebrating Sweater Weather with Wool and the Gang

Not sure if you got the memo but it is seriously pretty cold outside. We could go ahead and buy sunlight lamps and out-of-seaon strawberries to make ourselves feel better, or we could embrace the change. "Sweater weather" is pretty much one of the most beautiful phrases in the English language ("cellar door" be damned!) so this week we're honing in on inspiring knits. Wool and the Gang is a super-cool brand which sells fashion-forward knits—and kits (yes, with yarn and needles!) to DIY. Turns out their Pinterest page is everything we hoped it would be, chock-full of utterly awesome boards (for the home, focus on the details) which has us stoked for the nippy weather. Click through for sartorial inspiration out the wazoo—and maybe a little nudge toward knitting up a little something yourself.