Top-Down Accessorizing: 10 Pretty Things to Wear in Your Hair

When it comes to winter dressing, the focus is mostly on staying warm. Barrettes and hair clips get swapped out for knit hats and earmuffs, but fall and winter shouldn't be a wasteland for cute hair accessories. We're here to prove that the pretty little clips and bows that rule during warm months can continue to rule throughout the year. The key? Try small barrettes that can be tucked into wool hats, or statement pieces that will help your 'do stand out while everyone else is bundling up. There's no shortage of choice—you can go art deco or grungy tough, Lana Del Rey copycat or silly. Our favorites bring attention to the head via animal outlines and well-placed spikes, and usually clock in at a rather reasonable price. Click through for our picks!