#RealTalk: What Guys Really Want for the Holidays

Wondering what to get the beer-guzzling manly man or the sensitive sweet guy in your life for the holidays this year? Rather than trying to figure it out ourselves (because we all know that typically ends in disaster), we went straight to the dudes and asked them to tell us what’s up. So here goes, a completely non-exhaustive list of gifts he won’t be returning come January.

1. A Snazzy Camera

“The number one thing I want (even though it is a little pricey) is the Lytro Camera! It lets you snap a picture and then refocus the image afterwards. It's great so you don't have to wait around to get the shot just right.” – Mike Newman, 30, Managing Editor at

$399 – $499 at

2. A Maid Service Gift Certificate

“What I would really like for the holidays is a maid service gift certificate for one, two, or even three months. I always say, "Why do for yourself what others can do for you!" and clean is number one on that list. I'm hosting a Christmas party and a New Year's party and the last thing I want to do is clean up. Matter of fact, I never want to clean up!”Max Tucci, 33, Radio Host

3. A Nice, Relaxing Massage

This year for the holidays, screw the material possessions! There’s nothing more relaxing than a great head scratch or a back massage from your significant other. Sure, a spa can be relaxing and a fantastic experience, but it doesn’t compare to how meaningful it is (and in my honest opinion, not as physically harsh as the professionals) to receive such an act of service from your girlfriend or wife. Plus, you won't have to spend a couple hundred dollars to be massaged by a woman with man hands, then be glazed in honey, and whacked with tree leaves in order to be relaxed.” Trent Gillaspie, 26

4. A Custom Suit

“Ironic timing for this topic, as I was just telling my girlfriend about something that I'd really like from her: a custom suit. I don’t mean the $2,000 version either. Companies like Arden Reed are apparently doing their custom suits in the version of a stocking stuffer gift box. For that reason, I don’t feel bad asking for what would otherwise be a very pricey and pretty unique gift idea from her to me, and I doubt I'm the only one who wants one.” – Ransley Carpio, 28, Managing Partner at a Mergers & Acquisitions Consulting Firm

5. A Fry’s Gift Card

“I've actually been thinking about this a lot lately. My go-to (as always) is a Fry's gift card; that place is MY happiest place on earth.” – Sebastian Stofenmacher, 29, President of Edgestone Real Estate

6. Tickets to Somewhere Rad

I've been in my current relationship for four years, and this Christmas what I really want is tickets to a cool event or activity. Whether it's concert tickets to see my favorite band or a mini-vacation getaway, something that I'll enjoy but that we can both do together is ideal.” – Brandon Combs, 31, Founder of Glitz & Grime

7. A Bottle of Bourbon

“Sure, we guys love gear and gadgets, but we also love gifts that impress our friends—and it's a bonus if it fuels intense jealousy. Nothing does that better than a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle bourbon. It's the kind of bourbon your buddies would offer to mow your yard for a month just for a sip, and your boss would start thinking of you as corner office material after pouring him a wee dram over dinner. It’s also what I’m hoping for this holiday.” – Eric Rogell, 40-something, Author & Featured Writer for

8. Anything That Fills a Need In His Life

I tend to ask for things that I really need during the holidays, as the best gifts are those that are practical. For instance, I currently need a new GPS (mine recently broke) and I’d also like to get a wireless keyboard and mouse for my tablet computer. I could also use a new pair of sunglasses.” – Andrew Schrage, 26, Editor in Chief of

9.  A Happy, Healthy YOU!

“The best gift I could get from my girlfriend this year would be for her to slow down enough to enjoy the holiday. She works so hard at her job and tries so hard to please her family and friends during the holidays. I'm an adult with a job so if there's something I really want for myself, I can buy it. Her peace and relaxation would be the best gift she could give me, as it's one we could share.” – Brian Massie, 32, Communication Consultant

Okay, we don’t know about you, but this answer truly made out hearts melt!