So Pinteresting: The Ultimate Holiday Wishlist

There's a strange thing we've noticed about December: the holidays tend to totally creep up on you. One second you're surprised that Halloween's over, the next you're bombarded with Black Friday ads, Christmas music streams from your neighbor's lawn (or is it just us?), and pretty little lights pop up on nearly every house roof and store display. While we love pretty much everything about the holidays, it can be super stressful to buy gifts—and to ask for them. Leave it to Pinterest to give us a totally awesome selection of things to crave this holiday season, from already infamous uber-luxe backpacks to simple things. We think holidays are best for giving and receiving things that one would never buy for themselves, but want regardless. So this year, thanks to Pinterest, we're asking for creative ways to light our endless candles, out-there fashion experiments, and accessories both spendy and reasonable.