Fashion Accessory or Christmas Tree Decoration? You Decide

Very few things can stretch the limits of good taste among normally sane people like spring break in Cancun, sporting events, or Christmas. When the ugliness of certain key fashion items of the season begins to be celebrated (ugly holiday sweater parties anyone?) then it's time to acknowledge a problem. To see how deep into the throes of holiday kitsch you are, take our quiz to determine which of the following items are holiday tchotchkes and which are fashion accessories!

It seems that earrings are the most confusing in terms of what "could be a Christmas ornament, could be jewelry." Seriously, some of these are interchangeable. There are also a surprising number of Christmas tree garlands I would personally wear as a necklace, so there's that. Do you do up your tree in fashionably festive decorations, or are you more of a traditionalist? Either way, there's sure to be some gems here for you.

To kick things off, check out this ornament (right) from the Christmas tree Nicholas Kirkwood did for Brown's Hotel. If you saw it on its own, it would surely look like a lilliputian shoe.