What We Bought: Picks From ASOS, MMM x H&M, and More (Forum Shopaholics)

When it comes to one-stop shopping for trendy items from a slew of brands and a great in-house collection, no one comes close to ASOS. Forum members are obsessed with their fun, edgy styles, and it’s easy to see why. Though ASOS dominated their purchase lists this past week, some items from Maison Martin Margiela x H&M also made their way into the mix. Here’s a look at some of the standout buys.

ASOS unicorn sweater - forum buysASOS 3D star sweater - forum buys


LagerfeldBoy “succumbed to temptation and finally purchased this [ASOS] sweater after being undecided for several weeks.”

Lmelanie went on a bit of an ASOS binge and confessed to all in the forums. One of the items she ordered was this 3D star sweater.

ASOS biker jacket in bonded denim - forum buysASOS mint green leather biker jacket - forum buys


Lmelanie went on to purchase this biker jacket in bonded denim, and another biker jacket in mint green leather. Both from ASOS, of course.

ASOS jewel print pants - forum buysASOS green wet-look pencil skirt - forum buys


Lmelanie also added this pair of jewel-printed pants to her ASOS haul.

Versace-Goddess was another forum member who kept ASOS in business this week. She’s now waiting on this green wet-look pencil skirt.

ASOS squiggly tights - forum buysASOS ripped look tights - forum buys


Frickys relied on ASOS this week to step up her tights game. She picked up a pair of squiggly tights, and a pair of ripped-look tights.

MMM x H&M patchwork cardigan - forum buysMMM x H&M patchwork maxi skirt - forum buys


Rumor has it that MMM x H&M hasn’t been selling well, but karen sofie just picked up three pieces for herself. A patchwork print cardigan and maxi skirt were items one and two.

MMM x H&M pants - forum buysEsprit blue coat - forum buys


Karen sofie rounded out her MMM x H&M purchases with a pair of billowy trousers.

Blackcoffee got herself a new navy blue winter coat from Esprit.