Your New Daytime Office Go-To: The Dirndl Skirt

The dirndl skirt is a sleeper trend that's been featured (sometimes consecutively) on the biggest, best runways for the last several seasons. If you're struggling with its official name, dirndl skirts were known as "poodle" skirts in the Fifties for the doggie applique attached to many of them. This below-the-knee circle skirt is prim and proper, as well as sweet and youthful when worn with flats. Dress it up with heels and boots for a modern, grown-up vibe that's sure to turn heads for its rare appearance in street style outside of fashion week (in which editors from all over the world have been snapped wearing them). This skirt has the perfect shape and shows just the right amount of leg for your daytime office look and we highly recommend you pick up one or two to rotate in with your pencil skirts and dresses.