The New Basics: 10 Cool Twists on Wardrobe Staples

When you think of the bare bones basics—we mean, the utter necessities of the modern functional wardrobe—what do you picture? A sexy black dress? The monochrome sweater that will pair with everything? Those pieces are all well and good, but for spring, we're feeling a slightly fresher approach to the foundations of fashion. Designers are happily reworking our wardrobe staples so that getting dressed for work and play is a lot more fun. Why not let your little black dress be a bit more interesting and a little less obviously sexy? How about a super-colorful chunky sweater as your new everyday knit? We're especially feeling a new take on the everyday flat: one that's more statement than demure. Click through for reasons we're excited to remix our wardrobes with the newest twist on your everyday staples.