Layer Up Your Look With 10 Game-Changing Peekaboo Pieces

Quick, what do you imagine when think of sheer? While it is a descriptor for the texture of pantyhose and a telltale sign of the seductiveness of lingerie, there are definitely other uses for it. A sheer panel here, a mesh top there…all are stylish ways to integrate the look into your life. It need not necessarily be revealing. While you could show off some skin, you could also use the sheer look as a way to experiment with layering—just think of how a garment can change based on what you wear underneath, whether in the name of modesty or experimentation. Our favorite sheer pieces are both a study of in-your-face invisibility and clever placement. Whether you're looking to show a ton of skin or just air out a bit, sheer pieces have your back. Click through for our current favorites.