10 Pretty Florals We’re Coveting Right This Minute

Floral prints are basically synonymous with spring. It makes sense: it's finally warm enough for actual flowers to bloom, and everyone everwhere is pretty much just stoked on the weather, they're encouraged to celebrate it by wearing florals. But this standby print need not become tired or only associated with the spring—florals are a lot more versatile than we tend to give them credit for. Available year-round, why not force an early fake spring by wearing a sign of environmental life?

Bright and loud florals don't only work when the weather's warming. Those bright green pants will look as great with a dark knit now as they will with a white tee later. Though spring's florals will probably be a bit lighter than winter-ready gear, a simple layering upgrade is really all you need. And shopping for florals now means you're going to be wearing spring's best before everyone else—and in more innovate ways. Click through for our picks of spring's coolest florals that we're coveting right this minute.