6 Things You Should Totally Cop From Your Guy’s Closet

Borrowing from the boys

What your boyfriend doesn’t know won’t hurt him, right? Next time you’re on the hunt for that perfect masculine-inspired piece, sneak a peek into your guy’s closet and borrow from him. Our guess is, he has most—if not all—of the items below just waiting for you to get your fashionable little hands on!

1. His Worn-In Flannel Shirt

There’s nothing cuter (or cozier) than snagging your boyfriend’s flannel shirt and making it your own. Style his with some sexy skinny jeans, a simple T-shirt and add a statement necklace or a cocktail ring to give your outfit a touch of girly glam. Platform ankle booties will look hot too!

We love: Coalatree Organics The Gardina Flannel Buttondown, $64

2. His Watch

Menswear-inspired watches have been popular for women for years now. But if you don’t have the funds to invest in your own (or simply don’t want to) why not rock the real thing? Layer his with girly bangles and pretty bracelets to sweeten up your look a bit.

We love: Egard Adoro Limited Edition Watch, $1,499

3. His Fisherman Sweater

This comfy staple will never go out of style. Plus, it’s unisex enough that no one will ever question whether or not it’s yours (unless, of course, your man is much bigger than you). Pair his with a flouncy mini skirt, tights and some high, high heels for a flirty ensemble that screams “girl.”

We love: Donegal Fisherman Rib Crewneck Sweater, $99

4. His Scarf

Men’s scarves aren’t all that different from women’s. So if you can’t find one in your own closet to tie that outfit together, check out his for a few fun options. We bet he’s got one or two stashed away in there.

We love: Urban Outfitters Double Cable Knit Eternity Scarf, $34

5. His Chambray Shirt

Denim on denim is always a "do" in our book! To mix things up, use his chambray shirt as a light jacket and style it with a plain white scoop neck T-shirt tucked into skinny jeans (or jeggings) of the opposite color. So for example, if his shirt is a light denim hue, don dark denim bottoms. Then step into some chunky high heel boots to complete the outfit.

We love: Dsquared2 Washed Chambray Shirt, $510

6. His Fedora

Dating a hipster? Then now’s the perfect opportunity to steal his fedora and pair it with practically everything in your closet! Think summery maxi dresses, jeans and blazers or semi-sheer blouses with little black leather leggings. Pretty much anything goes. And you can don it day or night.

We love: Alameda Black Fedora, $60