Even Snow Can’t Stop Parisian Chic: Haute Couture Street Style Overload

Yep, the Haute Couture shows are exciting — the handiwork, the glamour! But while everyone else is putting Chanel and Gaultier couture wedding gowns on their wishlists, we were busy with one of our favorite aspects of any fashion week: street style. Couture street style is so fun because it's so cold—note the snow everywhere!—so show-goers have to get super creative. They could go boring but bundled up in black overcoats and all-black accessories, but our favorite street style starlets choose color and daring, unusual accessories to keep warm and looking super-cute. The best part of this slideshow? These warm and stylish dudes and ladies are reminding us how to look good even when the weather is very, very cold. Much-needed inspiration with our eye candy? Yes, please!