With cigarette burns on their skin-tight jeans, gritty eyeliner, and hair that hasn’t seen a comb since grade school, the spirit and sensibility of musicians goes hand in hand with the clothes they wear. 


With barely a care upon their backs, and hands that bleed from practicing the guitar incessantly and the attitude that comes with it, rockers are so deeply entrenched in the lifestyle that they seem to only spend 5 minutes getting dressed – which makes them look so much cooler than most of the try-too-hard, perfectly toned and bronzed stars of Hollywood today. 


A low-key attitude that goes with a tough I-Don’t-Give-a-Damn wardrobe is way more killer.      


Ryan Ross (Guitarist of Panic at the Disco) brings on the trashy old shirt and spackled colourful over-worn scarf with deliberate imperfection. 
He has a certain air of ‘I-don’t-really-care-but-I-still-look-great, which is an obnoxious talent that many musicians just seem to be naturally born with.  The gold buckle leather belt and the slick seventies headband are subtle touches that make the look personal. 


The members of Rilo Kiley deck out in nerdy, mismatched shirt and vest combinations that somehow work, with lead singer Jenny Lewis in a darling tuxedo mini. 
Their slick, laid back cool is always captured in photos along with their curious signature expression of frozen deers caught in headlights. 



Karla Deras ( is a musician in the making in a casual shirt draped over a body-conscious American Apparel dress accessorized with a light summer scarf. 


She also pairs a full-bottomed tank with a light Luella-esque skirt painted with tiny florals, finished off with a golden stud belt, tights and killer warrior shoes. 



The Academy Is… is a group of punk rock poster boys with great connections and an even better sense of style. 
Along with their individual rock star hair that refuses to quit in any weather conditions, these boys know how to mix feminine colours, skin tight jeans, jackets and amazing accessories to form a look even the girls would want to steal. 




Controversial as she may be, success came quickly for Katy Perry, the singer with an uncanny resemblance to the beautiful Zooey Deschanel. 
With her spunky and playful attitude, Katy wears clothes beautifully, Lolita-style with charming golden chains and strange red-rimmed glasses that sit perfectly on her face.  


A classic in the history of modern music, Bob Dylan’s body of work will never be forgotten. 
He will always be remembered for his poetic lyrics and rugged voice, but the man’s style is another milestone in his lengthy musical career. 


With his messy head of curls, those Rayban Wayfarers and classic pieces like plaid shirts, skinny pants and motorcycle boots, Bob Dylan really is one hell of a stylish guy. 




Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones has aged not with grace, but with a bang. 


Looking as gritty as ever, he is the epitome of rock star, with his random slew of shades, headbands and amazing scarves that help pull together a look that is slightly hung over but utterly captivating in its imperfections. 


With his messy hair, gorgeous tight jackets, crinkled open shirts and a distinct air of devilish partying until dawn, it’s no wonder that Keith inspired the sexy, drunk pirate Jack Sparrow perfected by Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean series.  
Photos courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.