Weather Spring in This Season’s Must-Have Bomber Jacket

Spring weather brings beautiful blooming flowers, wonderful scents and some pretty questionable weather. From rain and fog to the occasional sleet storm fueled by still-cold temps, if there's one thing your spring wardrobe calls out for it's a jacket. But what jacket? A boyfriend blazer? A rain slicker? A short pea coat? Chances are you've got one of each. 

But we've got our eye on one that pairs style with function, depending of course on which version you buy. The "bomber" jacket was originally made during WWII when bomber planes weren't air proof and were extremely cold to be in at high altitudes. American (and British) armies issued these thick leather jackets lined with sheepskin and slik to their pilots to help keep them warm on missions. The jackets, of course, gained an ultra cool cachet and were handed down from pilot to sons, becoming part of America's fashion history. Cut to 2013, Givenchy and Alexander Wang create their own versions, amongst other high-end designers, retail stores follow suit. As we're shopping for our perfect spring bomber, we thought we'd share some of our favorites.