6 Innovative Shopping Sites You Need to Know About

Sure, the Internet has completely revolutionized the way we all shop, but these innovative fashion sites are taking groundbreaking (and awesome!) to an entirely new level. Go ahead and get your credit cards handy because we have a feeling you’re about to need them.

Bib + Tuck

Shoes of Prey

Isn’t it the worst when you finally find a pair of shoes you love except one tiny little detail is totally wrong? Well, Shoes of Prey sets out to solve that very problem. With over a trillion different possible combinations to choose from (yes, really), this website offers customers the unique opportunity to bring their dream shoe to life. You choose the color(s), height, shape and materials used. They make it, and then it’s delivered to your doorstep within four weeks.

Bib + Tuck

Swapping clothes with your gal pals is great and all, but not every friend is your same size or shares your sense of style. That’s where Bib + Tuck comes into play. It’s a members-only site for creative fashionistas that allows you to shop the wardrobes of some of the chicest women around the globe without ever spending a dime. So how does it work exactly? Basically, you get “bucks” (virtual money) for selling your own stuff, inviting friends or purchasing items. You can then use this virtual money to score fab fashion finds from other trendsetters’ closets!

Slater Zorn

Forget frumpy team hoodies and tacky jersey dresses! Born out of a love for football and fashion, Slater Zorn aims to be the avant-garde of sideline apparel, and we must say, so far they’re doing an excellent job. On their site, you can score fan fashions for both guys and girls. Think cute striped cardigans, polka dot sweaters and ikat print scarves — all in your favorite team’s colors and made out of nice materials. Going to the game never looked so luxe.


Psh, who even has time to shop in store anymore? If your job keeps you as busy as we are, head on over to and meet your new personal stylist. She’ll find out all about your fit and wardrobe needs, then send you a box of handpicked, highly accessorized outfits direct to your door. You try them on, purchase what you like and send back what you don’t. The best part is, all styling and shipping services are completely free!

Weddington Way

Any girl who’s ever gotten married or is planning a wedding knows that finding a dress to please all of her bridesmaids can be a total nightmare. Weddington Way saves the day. It’s an online boutique dedicated to outfitting your entire bridal party. Bridesmaids can share, like and comment on the styles they love and easily coordinate their purchases via the site’s showroom. Plus, you get a personal stylist free of charge, making the whole process even more stress-free.


If you’re addicted to the show Fashion Star, trust us, you’ll definitely be addicted to this site! It’s the first online community that collaborates with reputable fashion brands to create consumer-designed products. That means you get the chance to virtually customize signature pieces, then have other members of the community vote on your designs. The winning ones are produced and sold exclusively on Stylyt. Pretty cool, huh?

image courtesy of Bib + Tuck