Erika runs a blog called Fashion Chalet; her Weardrobe profile can be seen here

Q:  Where do you live? 

A:  Miami, Florida.

Q.  What is your occupation? 

A:  Freelance writer/graphic designer, part time Stylist.

Q:  How old are you? 

A:  26

Q:  Describe your style. 

A:  Very romantic and feminine meets urban-street-chic.  I don’t prefer one specific look or style of dressing. I love playing “dress up” so I tend to revamp myself with a different idea daily.

Q.  Who are some of your favorite designers? Why? 

A:  Chloe, ethereal designs. Diane von Furstenberg, for knowing the way a woman’s clothing should fit.   I cannot simply choose one. Although anything Old Hollywood inspired always grabs my attention. High-waisted skirts, flapper dresses, and romantic pearls. I do love a good pair of chunky heeled boots; I am seriously craving some over the knee boots in leather or in a supple suede.

Q:  What is one item in your closet that you couldn’t live without? 

A:  Handmade dresses, off-beat jewelry, and some very fun leather handbags –all handed down to me from my mother and grandmother! I do love a good vintage find, you can usually find me scouring the boutiques down Lincoln Rd. and Bird Rd. in Miami.

Q:  What is the most embarrassing item in your closet? (Why do you still keep it? hehe) 

A:  Juicy velour sets. Hey– they are comfortable to hang around the house in. 😉

Q:  How do you organize your closet? (ie. by color, type, season, designer?) 

A:  By Season and Type. All my shoes are in their own closet. Then my walk-in is comprised of coats, sweaters and throws on one side, while the other houses summery skirts and flirty dresses. I have special drawers and organized boxes (all color coded and named, of course!) with scarves, jewelry and other accessories. My bags are all in their dustcovers. I cannot live in chaos, organization is key.

Q:  How would you describe your dream wardrobe? 

A:  Vast amounts of high-end couture! And leather bags, lots of them. I love the way they smell, especially when new.

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